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Space from epoxy resin Resin Art

Space has always looked very attractive to people, so every creative person has tried to capture it in his work at least once in his life. Space paintings look especially beautiful — images of bright dots in the form of stars and blurry spots in the form of galaxies. They can be recreated on paper, canvas, wall, but they look really magical in epoxy resin, slightly transparent and mystically sparkling.

Each such painting in epoxy resin is unique, so the workshops on their creation are different. The main difference is usually in the drawing. However, there are several general methods of how to create a space in epoxy resin, depending on what you plan to create on. We will tell you about these methods today.

Space Pendants

On canvas

Canvas (preferably plywood) is a relatively thin material. You need to work on it without a thick layer of epoxy. It should be primed in advance and covered with a dark resistant paint (purple, black). Before you start working with epoxy resin, you should draw placers of stars in the sky. It is quite simple to do this with a brush with a long, hard pile. We dip it in white paint and sprinkle drops, you can pull the pile on yourself, releasing it sharply. We are waiting for the canvas to dry completely and start working with epoxy resin.

To create a canvas by this method, we will need:

  • epoxy resign;
  • dyes of four or more colors (necessarily white, blue, purple, red);
  • construction hair dryer.

Space in the picture

Simple operation instructions:

  • We dilute the epoxy resin. Use the timer to accurately measure the breeding time. For mixing take two containers. After mixing the epoxy resin in one container, you need to pour it into another and stir it again there. This will help not to spoil the picture with unmixed substances. Divide the composition into two parts.

A timer is necessary when using resins with a short drying time after mixing with a hardener. If you get carried away with creativity, you can miss time and skip the stage of thickening the resin, after which it will be impossible to work with it.

  • Mix the first part of the epoxy with the dyes of the selected colors.
  • We water the canvas with transparent epoxy resin, which was cast into the second container.
  • Along the line of galaxies and flashes, we pour strips of white epoxy resin. It will create a glow effect.
  • We add colors over white to the picture. Stir the drawing slightly with your fingers or palette knife if you want to add more lines. If you overdo it with white, then add a little black epoxy resin.
  • We blur the lines and spots with jets of warm air from the hair dryer. If you direct the air flow vertically, you can create a circle of a planet or a flare, and horizontal flows and flows at an angle are drawn overflows.
  • Let the picture dry.

Cosmic picture

The epoxy resin painting of the cosmos created by this method will be thin, translucent and resemble a varnished oil or acrylic painting. If you decide to use canvas, it is not recommended to add heavy elements separately cast from epoxy planets.

On the board

The board is thick and durable surface. This method allows you to draw a picture on a tabletop, chairs or other coverings. To do this, you will need to prepare the basis.

Preparation of the board:

  • The board should be well sanded so that the epoxy can be evenly distributed over the entire surface.
  • You will need to wrap the edges with a wide adhesive tape so that it protrudes, and a thick layer of resin could not overflow for it. After that, the board will be ready for drawing.

Particular attention should be paid to the tightness of the side. The slightest leak and the resin will begin to flow out. The result of this can be not only a failed painting, but also a damaged table or floor. Epoxy resin is an extremely active and sticky substance, and after curing it is very durable.

Creating a picture

To create a picture using this method you will need:

  • epoxy resin;
  • dyes of five or more colors, necessarily black or dark tone, additionally you can take white, purple, blue, red;
  • sequins;
  • palette knife or spatula;
  • regular or construction hair dryer.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a picture of the cosmos from an epoxy:

  • We dilute the epoxy resin.
  • We mix part of the epoxy composition with dyes.
  • Pour a thin layer of black and any dilution color. Scatter the sequins on the surface and mix the colors with your fingers, level them with a palette knife.

Do not forget about protective equipment – thin gloves are mandatory!

  • We allow the first layer to dry, in this way a background is created for the picture.
  • Fill with transparent epoxy.
  • We pour unused colors in bursts, add glitter.
  • We wash out the poured dyes with a hairdryer.
  • Let the picture dry completely.
  • We remove the tape from the sides.

It's such an unusual color

The resulting picture will be inseparable from the countertop and strong enough, but it is not worth adding protruding details to it. They will interfere with operation.

On the form

This method involves the creation of an epoxy painting without a frame. The work created without stands has a lot of advantages: light weight, translucency and complete freedom of expression. Such paintings can be as creative as the author’s imagination allows: of any shape and size, with any additions and inclusions.

To create it, you will need either a silicone mold (for small pictures) or a silicone layer with adhesive tape or protruding edges (for large paintings, it can be put on any thick hard surface). You can also use molds to create individual volumetric planets. You can cast the mold yourself by pouring silicone with a thickener into a container and cutting or squeezing out the desired shape.

Examples of works

To make in this way, you will need:

  • epoxy resin with a hardener;
  • dyes of three or more colors, for example, purple, blue, red;
  • silicone mold;
  • simple or construction hair dryer;
  • sequins.

Space and planets

The manufacturing process will go through the following stages:

  • Knead the epoxy resin.
  • Mix part of the composition with the selected dyes.
  • Fill the mold with a transparent mixture. The more colorless resin, the more transparent the picture will turn out.
  • Pour other colors into it and add sparkles.
  • Blurring with fingers and a hair dryer. If the shape is deep, then fill it with layers from darker to transparent and pierce it a couple of times with a stick for overflows. Mix the sequins into the epoxy along with the dyes.
  • If necessary, after the drying of the canvas begins, we add planets and other elements.
  • We give the resin to dry completely.
  • We remove the form.

Pendant with space inside

In this way you can create paintings-pendants, large wall canvases, translucent countertops and much more. There are absolutely no restrictions for creativity.

Whatever method you use, try to enjoy your work, then the final creation will seem perfect to you. This is the main principle of any creative process.

Do not forget about the absolute compliance with the instructions of the resin manufacturer for its preparation, temperature conditions, the ratio of the weight of the resin and the hardener and thorough mixing of the components.

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