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About me

Hello everyone! My name is Gavin Edwards. I’m a designer and an art expert by profession. I’m fond of working with different uncommon materials, including epoxide resin, acryl. I’m keen on learning the experience of the masters worldwide, I translate the material and publish it here on my website to share it with involved people.

Gavin Edwards

Nina Maysonet


Hi, I ‘m Nina, New York – Miami based artist, and bringing ideas to life is my passion.

From an early age I was fascinated with creating. As I grew, I experimented with many means of creativity, ranging from painting to digital art.

Nina Maysonet

My work explores the dual worlds in which we exist – our inner lives and the changing world around us. My painting process reflects the constant push and pull between darkness and light, order and chaos, and our delusion of control. I believe anyone who thinks magic doesn’t exist has never heard of art and aim to put a bit of magic into all my work.

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