An epoxy resin ringResin Art
How to make an epoxy resin ring, what they are
Epoxy resin jewelry is becoming more popular every day. Various pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings. The beauty of such products is simply fascinating.
A ball of epoxy resinResin Art
How to make a ball of epoxy resin, simple techniques, workshops
There are at least two options for creating an epoxy resin ball: You can cast the composition into a cubic form of formwork. Imagine a ball inscribed in
Space from epoxy resinResin Art
How to make space from epoxy resin, original solutions
Space has always looked very attractive to people, so every creative person has tried to capture it in his work at least once in his life.
Epoxy resin table with backlightResin Art
Tables made of epoxy resin with lighting, what they are, how they are made
After the manufacture of epoxy resin furniture became popular in the field of residential decoration, the direction did not cease to develop.
Dandelions in epoxy resinResin Art
How to dry dandelions and fill them with epoxy resin
From this article you will learn how to properly collect dandelions, dry them and prepare them for making jewelry from epoxy resin. Spring is the best