Handle for a knife made of epoxy resinResin Art
How to make handles for knives from epoxy resin
For any good knife, not only the technical characteristics of the blade are important, but also its handles. If it is enough to choose high-quality steel
Pendants made of epoxy resinResin Art
How to make pendants from epoxy resin, step-by-step instructions
Epoxy resin is an ideal option for lovers of making elegant transparent jewelry with elements of wood, metal, dried flowers. Masters create rings, bracelets
Sea with epoxy resinResin Art
How to create an improvised sea of epoxy resin
Many of us regularly dream of a vacation with an ocean view, so that the sun plays on the shells, foam splashes caressed the sandy shore.
Watches made of wood and epoxy resinResin Art
How to make a watch from epoxy resin, exclusive DIY
When making gifts, they often think what to give. Sometimes they choose a watch as a gift, but the store options, with all the variety, are still standardized
Epoxy resin chairsResin Art
How to make a chair from epoxy resin, detailed instructions
The title of the article is about a chair, but it will be about a stool made with your own hands using the technology of casting parts from epoxy resin.
Table top made of epoxy resinResin Art
How to make a countertop from epoxy resin, step-by-step instructions
Design solutions are original, in which the construction materials we are familiar with find a slightly different application. A striking example is ordinary
Epoxy resin table: manufacturing technologyResin Art
How to make a table from epoxy resin, production features
The creation of interior design of residential or office premises has recently become a separate type of work. The artist should focus on finishing materials
Earrings made of epoxy resin with your own handsResin Art
How to make earrings from epoxy resin
For the fair sex, gifts and pleasant surprises are of great importance. Of particular value are gifts made to order or with their own hands.
How to make water from epoxy resinResin Art
How to make an imitation of water from epoxy resin, basic principles
Masters working with epoxy resin never cease to amaze us with their masterpieces. The scope of application of this unsightly material has long been studied
Epoxy resin coffee tableResin Art
How to make a coffee table from epoxy resin, design solution
A good gift for yourself, your family will be a coffee table made of epoxy resin. It’s not so easy to make it, but how nice it is when you get a work of art.