Furniture made of epoxy resinResin Art
What kind of furniture is made of epoxy resin, what does it look like
Epoxy resin has long been actively used in the creation of interior items and furniture. Thanks to her, exceptionally beautiful and unusual objects are obtained.
Flowers in epoxy resinResin Art
What flowers are poured into epoxy resin, how is it done
Various decorations, which use real fresh flowers, stand out from all and immediately attract attention. They remind you of the bright and colorful sensations
Epoxy resin accessoriesResin Art
What accessories are made of epoxy resin
Handmade work has always been appreciated, regardless of the industry. Today, handwork is a popular direction. The result of this work can cause enthusiastic glances.
Wood and epoxy resinResin Art
What products are made of epoxy resin and wood, how do these materials combine
Artistic creativity using epoxy resin has formed its own direction in design art. The scope of its application has significantly expanded, thanks to the
Products made of epoxy resinResin Art
What products can be made from epoxy, what are the difficulties
A person’s desire for creativity must necessarily be realized through his activity. If there are certain abilities and natural inclinations, they
Slab and epoxy resin tableResin Art
How to make a table from a slab of wood with epoxy resin, what they are
Repair and construction works in residential premises have long lost the status of trivial restoration of floor surfaces, walls or ceilings.
Lamp made of epoxy resinResin Art
Lamp made of epoxy resin, manufacturing features
The lamp made of epoxy resin is a modern and original interior decoration. Such products look very impressive, perform not only the main role, but also
Epoxy resin productsResin Art
What products are currently made of epoxy resin
The use of polymers based on epoxy resins is of great importance for the industry. It is widely used in shipbuilding, aircraft construction, construction
Decorations made of epoxy resin and woodResin Art
What are the decorations made of wood and epoxy resin
Currently, decorations made of wood and epoxy resin have become very popular and have become fashionable due to their exclusivity. This is a bright unusual
Table top made of epoxy resin and woodResin Art
Countertops made of epoxy resin and wood, where and how to buy them
The use of epoxy resin in the manufacture of furniture is no longer a new direction. The physicochemical properties of the polymer favorably distinguish