How to dry dandelions and fill them with epoxy resin

Dandelions in epoxy resin Resin Art

From this article you will learn how to properly collect dandelions, dry them and prepare them for making jewelry from epoxy resin.

Spring is the best time to collect dandelions, when they first bloom yellow, and then turn white. A great time to collect, prepare and fill flowers with epoxy resin to create jewelry. As we already know, it is necessary to prepare flowers before pouring, because if you pour not yet dry flowers, then the result will be bad. Let’s figure out how to properly prepare flowers for pouring.


How to dry dandelions

Dandelions are the most airy flowers of summer. They can be prepared in two ways for pouring with epoxy resin.

The first way

We collect already blooming fluffy flowers from the clearing. To do this, we will need a regular hairspray and a container for carefully transferring the collected flowers. For example, you can take a plastic or cardboard box.

Dry dandelions

We choose the most beautiful dandelions in the clearing, carefully cut them off and spray them with hairspray from all sides at a short distance. The varnish will help to fasten dandelion fluff and prevent them from flying away from the wind. We wait a few seconds until the varnish dries completely, and put the flower in a box.

The second way

We collect dandelions while they are still yellow. We put them on the windowsill in a bouquet, and after a day or two, when they close into buds, and the tip of this bud dries, we separate it.

The pendant

In about a week, the yellow flowers will turn into fluffy ones, which we need. We also spray them with hairspray and send a box to dry.

Dandelions covered with hairspray are dried for about two weeks. After drying, they become durable and are easily filled with epoxy resin.

Now you know how to collect dandelions and prepare them. Next, we consider filling with epoxy resin.

Filling a dandelion with epoxy resin

Complete instructions for pouring dandelions with epoxy resin, which was used repeatedly and the result was excellent.

Dandelion in epoxy

Needless to say, how incredibly beautiful an epoxy resin keychain looks with a blooming dandelion placed in it. Looking at it for the first time, it seems that it is simply impossible to do this, the plant is so fragile, delicate. However, nothing is impossible for real masters.

It will be difficult to achieve perfect performance on your own the first time. But after 2-3 attempts, the result will already be good. Let’s consider in detail the stages of creating a keychain or pendant made of epoxy resin with a dandelion inside.

Stages of filling dandelion with epoxy resin:

Dandelion in epoxy, preparation

  • It is necessary to prepare the dandelion for work, collect it and dry it. You can paint the dandelion in the desired color, this is done with an already dried billet.
  • The dandelion is ready, now you should prepare the mold. Silicone molds of the required shape are cleaned of dust and fine lint. A dandelion is placed inside the mold. Molds are sold in various online stores.

Dandelion in epoxy, pouring

  • The second half of the mold is closed. To fix the shape, the joint is glued with hot glue from a glue gun. These measures will completely eliminate the leakage of resin during the pouring process. Epoxy is a very fluid material, this should always be remembered.
  • We dilute the epoxy resin, it is advisable to choose completely transparent compositions. The manufacturer is selected at the discretion of the master. We let the bubbles come out, we forcibly remove the remaining ones.

Ready-made pendant

  • Through a special hole on top, the mold is completely filled with epoxy resin. Now it is necessary to wait for the polymer material to completely solidify.
  • We take out the resulting blank from the mold, the most difficult part of creating the keychain is left behind. It remains to bring it to its proper condition by grinding.

Ready-made pendant

  • We grind the uneven edge so that the workpiece has a perfect ball shape.
  • Polishing the workpiece. It is necessary to achieve full transparency of the epoxy resin.
  • It remains to fix the fittings with thick resin or hot glue and the product is completely ready.

Dandelion in epoxy resin

Look what a beauty it turned out. A piece of nature frozen forever in epoxy resin. A beautiful keychain or pendant for any occasion.

We hope that the instructions for making jewelry made of epoxy resin with a dandelion inside turned out to be clear and simple.

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