How to make a cutting board with epoxy resin, working methods

Cutting board made of epoxy resin Resin Art

If you have certain tools, you can make such an interesting object as a cutting board with epoxy resin, while you can choose the color of the polymer yourself. The cutting board made of epoxy resin is a stylish and bright element of the interior. It’s time to add new bright colors to life, the master class presented below will help in this.

Cutting board made of wood and epoxy

Tools and materials

We will present the materials necessary for the work with a list:

  • epoxy resin for pouring, furniture option;
  • dye;
  • wooden billet;
  • boards;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • adhesive tape;
  • plywood used to create the template.

Yellow polymer

Tools that you will need to work:

  • digital scales;
  • gas burner for removing air bubbles;
  • orbital or belt type grinding machine, sandpaper (P 80), abrasive wheels (P 240, P 320, P 400, P 600, P 800, P 1000, P 1500, P 2000);
  • cutting tools;
  • drill;
  • ruler, other tools for drawings and markup.

Epoxy handle

Manufacturing technique

The working algorithm presented below will help to make a unique thing – a cutting board made of wood and epoxy resin.

Cutting out a template. To create an item that has a precisely defined shape, you first need to create a template. It can be cut out of plywood using a tape cutting machine.

Creating the formwork. At this stage, it is necessary to make the formwork. Epoxy resin is poured into it. For this purpose, boards or plywood are taken. The plywood is cut into the necessary pieces, after which the box is assembled using self-tapping screws.

The next task is a thorough sealing of the resulting structure. To do this, use high-quality adhesive tape, tape. It should not be forgotten that epoxy resin for pouring is characterized by high fluidity, for this reason 100% tightness is important.

Gift view

Preparation of wood for pouring. Then you should choose the wood that will be poured. You can take a slice of a whole tree, or you can use clippings of boards that have a very different fancy shape. To give the material a beautiful look under the resin, you need to take a grinder with which to clean everything. It is necessary to remove dirt, as well as remove areas that do not hold well.

It is unacceptable that dust falls off the wood, because it will certainly get into the resin. Dust is carefully blown away.

The material is cut into the correct pieces according to the manufactured template. It is necessary to ensure a beautiful laying of workpieces. It is necessary to sand the planes with a grinding machine to give the wood a beautiful look.

Dilution of epoxy resin and pouring. Epoxy resin is being prepared. To calculate the proportions with the hardener, you should use accurate digital scales. It is necessary to mix the composition thoroughly by hand and with a drill, then a homogeneous homogeneous mass will come out.

Pieces of wood

Then the temperature of the epoxy resin is selected taking into account specific purposes. To increase the fluidity, the resin is heated. To increase its density, it will need to be cooled.

It is necessary to add a dye having the desired color to the epoxy resin and mix it thoroughly again. Next, the resin is poured into the formwork, and then the wood is laid. The resin should be poured calmly, without sudden movements, in a thin trickle. Now the workpiece can be left to dry everything. It can take from a couple of days to a week to dry, depending on the quality of the epoxy composition.

Grinding of the product. After the epoxy resin solidifies, the object is removed from the mold, and its processing begins. The first step is to trim all the excess. Here everything is determined by the template used. At the end of cutting, grinding begins. The object is ground along the contour, then move to the planes. At the same time, a variety of tools can be used. The simplest of them is a belt or orbital type grinder. Grinding is performed first with a large sandpaper, then with a smaller one, up to the smallest size.

Options for every taste

Polishing. At the end of the grinding process, you will need to polish the object. First, a polyurethane-based protection coating is applied to the board, then the board is polished. As a result, an attractive glossy surface is obtained. This is the end of all the work, and the board is ready for use.


Here are some useful tips for using such items with epoxy resin:

  • At the end of each application, the cutting board with epoxy should be washed with running warm water, you can not soak a wooden object in the sink and wash it in the dishwasher. After washing, wipe the board dry with a towel.
  • The cutting board made of wood and epoxy should be stored in an upright position away from heat sources.
  • Do not use solvents to clean wood products.
  • It is necessary to impregnate the cutting board with mineral or linseed oil at most 1 time in 2 months.


These recommendations will ensure for many years the perfect condition of a beautiful cutting board made of wood and epoxy resin.

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