Why is the canvas glued with masking tape or adhesive tape with acrylic pouring

Gluing canvas Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Pouring (fluid art) is a popular and uncomplicated type of creativity. With the help of acrylic paints, you can get real masterpieces of abstraction. At the same time, most beginners have a lot of questions about this drawing technique. For example, one of the popular questions is why the canvas is glued with masking tape or adhesive tape during acrylic pouring. Let’s try to answer it in detail.

Why do I need canvas gluing

Probably this question is asked only by those people who have not yet painted a single picture in the technique of acrylic pouring. There are several answers to this question. The canvas is gluing in order to:

  • do not stain it with paint;
  • when working in dome technology;
  • to fix the borders of the drawing.

How to glue canvas, tablet

In the process of acrylic pouring, the paint drains in large quantities along the edges and dries on the back of the canvas with streaks and streaks. To distribute the drawing on the canvas, the artist takes the edges with his hands stained in paint. To prevent contamination of the back side of the canvas and any other surface, masking tape, masking tape is glued.

Masking tape

In the photo, the tablet is covered with masking tape and primed. Please note that even after priming, the backdrop begins to get dirty.

Canvas backdrop

This is how the canvas looks from the reverse side with the applied pattern and coated with epoxy resin after removing the paint tape.

Stained canvas backdrop

The tablet was not protected by a masking tape, so its final appearance is so unpresentable.

Round version

Pasting a round tablet with a paint tape is done in a similar way.

When painting with epoxy resin in the Resin Art technique, the side edges of the canvas or tablet are glued with masking tape or tape. The tape forms bumpers a couple of millimeters high. This is quite enough and it allows the drawing not to spread along the edges, forming a dome.

Resin Art

This is how the picture looks in the Resin Art technique with a side made of masking tape.

It should be noted that ready-made paintings are glued with masking tape or adhesive tape to apply a finishing coating in the form of a dome. Usually the dome technique is carried out with epoxy resin.

Some artists stick a masking tape on the sides of a canvas or tablet. In this case, the sides are partially or completely closed. This is done so that they are not covered with a pattern. For some art connoisseurs, this approach is of particular interest when the drawing has a clear border in the middle of the sides.

Blue masking tape
This is how the tablet looks fully prepared for drawing with acrylic. The sides are completely covered with blue masking tape. Create beautifully, create correctly!

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