Mallet smashAcrylic Pouring
Mallet smash acrylic pouring, Fluid Art
The technique of acrylic pouring Mallet smash is actively practiced by Ann Osborne. With a high degree of probability, she is the creator of this technique
Swipe techniqueAcrylic Pouring
Acrylic pouring Swipe technique, Fluid Art
In this review, we will analyze the technique of acrylic pouring Swipe. With its help, you can create quite interesting pictures. This is one of the methods
Reverse dip or flower dipAcrylic Pouring
Acrylic pouring technique Reverse dip or flower dip, Fluid Art
Reverse dip or flower dip – another interesting technique of acrylic pouring is to create quite real flowers in the picture. In this technique, you
Puddle PourAcrylic Pouring
Acrylic pouring technique Puddle Pour, Fluid Art
Acrylic pouring technique Puddle Pour is considered one of the basic. For beginners, its study is necessary in order to move on and study more complex
SheleeArtAcrylic Pouring
Acrylic pouring techniques SheleeArt – Bloom and Swipe, Fluid Art
SheleeArt can be considered the most fashionable technique of acrylic pouring Fluid Art at the moment. The methodology of work is specific in terms of materials.
Dutch PourAcrylic Pouring
Acrylic pouring technique Dutch Pour with blowing up the paint with a hair dryer or breathing, Fluid Art
Acrylic pouring technique Dutch Pour not the easiest for beginners. Before working with acrylic paint and a hair dryer, it is better to master simpler
Dirty Pour and Flip CupAcrylic Pouring
Acrylic pouring techniques Dirty Pour and Flip Cup, Fluid Art
Dirty Pour and Flip Cup – two of the simplest techniques of acrylic pouring (Fluid Art), with which you can achieve interesting results.
Gluing canvasAcrylic Pouring
Why is the canvas glued with masking tape or adhesive tape with acrylic pouring
Acrylic Pouring (fluid art) is a popular and uncomplicated type of creativity. With the help of acrylic paints, you can get real masterpieces of abstraction.